April 27 Trailblazers for Grade 4/5 group
April 28 Fun Fair volunteer forms to be returned to school.
May 2 Trailblazers for Grade 2/3 group.
May 8 Regional Shut-Down Day.   No school.
May 16 Full day of school
May 17 Central Kings New Parent Meeting @ 6:30 pm.
May 19

Primary Orientation

No School for Ms. Daniels' & Ms. Crane's students

Grade 5 Orientation at Central Kings

May 22 Victoria Day, No school
May 24 School Choir performance of "The Mi'kmaq Honour Song" during Opening Ceremonies of Apple Blossom Festival @ 7 pm. Opening Ceremonies are being hosted this year by the Cambridge First Nations Community.
June 2 Fun Fair from 5:00-7:00 pm.


8:20 First Bell
8:30 Second Bell  (students should be in classes)
10:45 - 11:00 Recess
12:05 - 12:35 Outside
12:35 - 12:55 Eating
2:35 - 2:45 Dismissal









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Mrs. Crane's Grade 1 classroom had the privilege of having an incubator in their classroom for the last few weeks and hatched 17 Rhode Island Red chicks.  Thank you to Emily Rogers for this great opportunity.